Social housing for citizens with disabilities or mental illnesses

3 month human-centred design-project creating a floor plan through co-creation with residents, employees, relatives, and architects.

Client: Municipality of Copenhagen, Social Services Administration, 2018

What I did: Observations, planning-, executing- and facilitating co-creation workshops, data analysis, prototyping and floor plan design.

// Human-Centred Design

// Co-creation

Testing everyday scenario in a housing built of polystyrene board in 3D 1:1

“It’s incredible what 3m2 more can give in terms of well-being and a personal touch.” - Relative


300-500 apartments needed for social housing in a city with limited m2

The Social Services Administration of Copenhagen have to build 300-500 new apartments for social housing in years to come. The apartments needs to be modern and match the everyday needs of citizens with disabilities or mental illness while not exceeding their limited budget.


Standardized social housing for multiple realities

The project resulted in three examples of a standardized housing solution that takes different citizen needs of nurturance into account across multiple target groups. The solution also contained a suggestion for how to include residents and caretakers in the construction processes to come.


Human-centered design methods to empathize and understand citizen’s lives and needs

The project was built on human-centered design processes, which core was to empathize and understand the respondents’ needs and motivations.

We gained knowledge through observations and interviews conducted at multiple social housing offers and through three workshops where we co-created human-scale prototypes with residents, employees, relatives and architects.

The citizens prototyped human-scale apartments both intellectually and in practice, to see how future housing could best match their needs

Through three workshops the participants developed, tested and re-designed three different scale apartments caring to different needs of nursing.

1. workshop

Qualification of analysis, identification of needs and prototyping model of ideal future housing.

2. workshop

Further developments of floor-plans and 2D tests of the floor-plans with tape on floors in 1:1.

Preparing 3. workshop: Building 1:1 prototype of apartments in 3D with polystyrene boards.

3. workshop

Testing everyday scenarios in the 3D prototyped apartments.


Lars Grønlund Knudsen

Maria Winther Ørts

Morten Lerstrup Pedersen

Eloisa Hellmers

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