Festival of Endless Gratitude - creating a dialogue between music and art!

For the past 3 years I’ve been co-organising Festival of Endless Gratitude. I’ve been deeply involved in the production of spatial concepts and -design, project management and the planning of the festival from idea to execution.

Festival of Endless Gratitude is a non-profit music- and arts festival founded on friendships across the Atlantic. The Danish organizers of the festival aim to create a music and arts experience without attaching a specific genre or style to the festival. Instead, the festival celebrates the diverse outputs, the sharp genre changes and the unforeseen consequences of mixing art and music in certain frameworks. It is one of the fundamental ideals of the festival that the artists shape the event both by cooperating with the festival and by challenging it. Festival of Endless Gratitude has a natural curiosity in regards to experimental music and art, along with an interest of exploring and expanding musical and artistic phenomena.

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Photo below from FoEG 2018

by Maiken Kildegaard -