The Break Time Mission

10 week interaction design-project prototyping interactive board game for kids to learn about gender stereotypes through playing.


Final Project at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, 2016

What I did: Design research, data analysis, co-creation, concept development, paper prototyping, programming prototype, project management and visual communication.

// Interaction Design

// Game Design

The Break Time Mission is an interactive board game designed to help children between 8 to 10 year old learn about gender norms and stereotypes through play. It aims to build children’s respect for the diverse ways of growing up and being a child.

The board game is played at school and facilitated by a teacher. The scene is the school playground, an environment children are familiar with. At first, each child creates an avatar on their smart phone, which then becomes their game piece on the board. The children work together to solve different missions their avatars face, they are asked to respond to different gender sensitive situations. Their goal is to make the playground as happy a place as possible. At the end of the game, the teacher leads a conversation with the children, helping them reflect upon their experience.