Hi! I'm Mette


The question “How might we make the world a better place?” and the field of social innovation drives me as a designer. Fundamental to my work is a holistic approach with a people-centered perspective and a strong believe that the designer must actively engaged - all the way from research to strategy and design.

Being a curious, analytical and empathic person makes me a strong researcher. I believe in the synergy of interdisciplinary team collaborations, and the iterative processes as the way to develop both aesthetic, impactful and functional design. My solutions can be products, services or systems - the essential is the positive change that they can bring to empower and improve everything from class room culture to Ghanas extensive waist problems!

I’m a graduate from the Design School Kolding and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. I hold two MA Degrees - one in Visual Communication Design and another in Interaction Design. I have worked as a service designer and project manager at Innovationshuset and The Children- and Youth Administration with The Municipality of Copenhagen. I’m currently working as a service designer at EGGS Design in Stavanger.

I have a weakness for blue clothes, yellow cheese and gray coffee.

For questions, coffee or CV requests, feel free to contact me: design@mettemorch.dk